CZ Aqua – Medication – Kill – To Prevent Infections From Feeding Live Foods…



For preventing infection and  cleaning live food such as shrimp, blood worm and use to prevent infected fish tank. Moreover it can be used for all kind of fishes for killing white spot and external parasite such as Dactylogyrus, Gyrodactylus ,Hexamita(Hole in the head) , Tetrahymena(Guppy killing disease) and Falling Fog Disease in Discus

How the use

Clean the live food

Put the live food to container that can be measure, and use KILL 5 grams for water 1 liters that contained the live food. Leave it for 3-5 minutes and wash it for 2-3 times.

Use for cleaning fish tank in order to prevent infection( the tank must have not fish )

10 grams for water 50liters , leave it for 1-2 day ( all the filter system must be operate while using KILL) Then clean with clear water.

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